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France could be the next country to quit the European Union, according to outspoken former MP George Galloway. Mr Galloway’s bold prediction comes as French President Emmanuel Macron’s favourability rating hit a new low ahead of next month’s crucial local elections. The new poll revealed that less than a third of French people – approximately 31 percent – view him favourably.

Mr Macron was also left humiliated by a series of leading MP defections from his own party amid ongoing pension reform protests.

The current crisis is thought to be Mr Macron’s biggest of his presidency so far. 

Mr Galloway said that the elections in March will “show a new low for Macron”.

He told RT: “Rats always jump from sinking ships and Macron’s ship is sinking.

“The pensions reforms – the savage reductions to their entitlements – was only the proximate cause of the unrest in France.

“It was the lightning rod for hostility among millions of French people.”

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Mr Galloway continued: “An increasing number of French people want to follow Britain out of the EU.

“Frexit is becoming a thing. We will be talking about it again and again.

“It is a rising demand in France because people feel they are being subjected to rule from elsewher through a President who feels like he came from a different era.

“The trouble will go on in France.”

She expressed frustration over the way the government was forcing through its radical reform of the pension system and failing to address environmental issues.

The mutiny against Mr Macron would wreck his chances for re-election in 2022. 

One former adviser told the Financial Times that economic performance “will not be enough” for Mr Macron to get re-elected in 2022, “but if he doesn’t even have that, it will be very difficult”.

French trade unions announced another big strike day against Mr Macron’s policy reforms for Paris on Monday.

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