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Disney Plus has finally arrived to stream almost everything the entertainment giant has ever produced, including Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, in addition to all the studio’s family-friendly films and iconic animation. And the launch has been warmly welcomed, with many around the world attempting to evade the coronavirus pandemic by staying inside on the sofa.

Although Disney Plus is unfortunately unavailable on Xbox 360, the service is available on the Xbox One.

The online hub is available as an app from the Microsoft Store on Xbox One, along with its competitors Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and NOW TV.

However, you will need a subscription to Disney Plus in order to stream its content on your Xbox One.

Disney Plus UK launched with a seven-day free trial, but an annual subscription is available for £59.99 or a monthly fee of £5.99.

The Disney Plus app is free to download from the Microsoft Store, although you will need to be paying a subscription to the service in order to watch its content.

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How to download Disney Plus on Xbox One:

To download Disney Plus, you first need to start your Xbox and navigate to the Microsoft Store.

Next, navigate to the Apps section of the Microsoft Store.

Then under Search Apps enter the word Disney.

Select the Disney Plus tile that subsequently appears and then select Get.

Once the install has finished, you will be able to sign in to Disney Plus on your Xbox One and begin enjoying the service’s extensive content.

But fortunately for NOW TV subscribers, Sky Cinema still boasts numerous Disney, Marvel and Star Wars content.

Disney Plus is available on the Amazon Fire TV range while streaming from a Chromecast device is possible, as well as more recent Apple TV set-top boxes.

Newer smart TVs from LG, Sony, Philips and Samsung are also compatible with Disney Plus.

There are also Disney Plus apps for iOS and Android, while it is also possible to watch Disney Plus in the UK via your computer’s web browser.

How many logins can you have on Disney Plus?

Each Disney Plus account can as many as seven different profiles set up.

However, you can only stream on four different devices concurrently.

Disney Plus is supported by numerous devices, from phones, tablets, computers, consoles, certain TVs and streaming media boxes.

The service offers users the luxury of unlimited downloads on up to 10 different devices, in addition to providing personalised recommendations for each one.

You should be aware before sharing account details with friends, Disney uses cutting-edge tech to monitor accounts.

Disney is reportedly able to monitor any irregular activity indicating users are sharing an account with non-family members.

Michael Paull, President of Disney Streaming Services, said: “We have created some technology that’s in the backend that we will use to understand behaviour.

“And when we see behaviour that doesn’t make sense, we have mechanisms that we’ve put in place that will deal with it.”

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