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Jadan Horyn told that he expects the 2020 US election will be much closer than Donald Trump’s previous victory in 2016. Mr Horyn added the Democrats’ decision to double down on cancel culture and left-wing progressive socialism will not work in states central to the outcome of the Presidential election. 

Mr Horyn said: “I think we will come very close to a repeat of 2016.

“Looking at the background and polls compared with this time last election, in the same states that he won, the battle ground states he is down 4.2 percent vs 4.9 percent back then.

“The end result ended up being a hidden Trump vote in favour by roughly 5 percent in key states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

“I personally think that it will be much closer this time round.

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“I believe that the President will win with under 300 electoral votes and I do believe that he will lose by large number the popular vote.

“Especially when you have states like California and New York likely turning out in enormous numbers for the Democratic candidate.

I”n the states that it has been central for Biden to pick up, he is not gaining and he is not making traction.”

He continued: “I do not believe that the Democrats doubling down on cancel culture and left progressive socialism will work in states that haven’t seen economic growth or progress from the neo-liberalism of the last 25 years.

Mr Horyn stated that the US President has found a message that resonates with people and compared this to the Leave campaign in the 2016 EU referendum in the UK, which resulted in the British public voting for Brexit. 

Mr Horyn said: “I think there are really great parallels to what happened with Brexit.

“The upper middle class, pro-European, whether they were in Wales or Scotland it doesn’t really matter, they were turned off by that rhetoric, I think it is very similar to that here.

“For the election itself I would say finding a message that resonates with people is important, he has that hands down.” 

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