Oklahoma explosion: Huge blast and ‘massive flames’ spotted in US – ‘Sky glowed orange’ | World | News

The fire was reported near Piedmont Road and Waterloo Road in Edmond, Oklahoma. Social media footage shows a huge ball of flame on the horizon from residents. Multiple firefighters have responded to the call and are on the site tackling the blaze, which has knocked out power lines. Some users noted the fireball took place in a “huge gas pipeline area”.

Officials said a 12 inch gas pipeline running underneath Piedmont and Waterloo roads exploded.

A huge section of the junction has been obliterated by the blast, leaving a huge crater.

Media outlets and onlookers said debris was flung across the road, and the force of the blast flattened power lines.

After the blast, the gas line caught fire, with the blaze being visible for miles and reaching between 50 to 100 feet high.

It is unknown what caused the initial explosion.

Logan County, Canadian County, and Kingfisher County Sheriff’s Offices all responded with Piedmont Fire, Cashion Fire, and Oakcliff Fire to tackle the blaze.

The Kingfisher County sheriff told US media group News 9 a high pressure gas line was possibly hit, causing the explosion, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Piedmont police told local news outlet KOCO 5 the explosion took place in a rural area with few residents.

The police chief said no injuries were reported, and no evacuations took place as of 9:27PM CDT (3:27AM GMT).

Traffic on Piedmont and Waterloo road is being diverted by the officers.

Some Twitter users claimed mass evacuations were taking place due to the blaze, contradicting the police chief.

Others sent their best wishes to the first responders.

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