Kim Jung-un to parade HUGE missile launcher capable of OBLITERATING US through North Korea | World | News

US think tank 38 North, which specialises in the monitoring of North Korea, said commercial satellites had spotted a “probably missile-related vehicle” at a parade training ground. The group said the shape of the vehicle suggests it is a “transporter-erector-launcher” big enough to carry one of North Korea’s Hwasong ballistic missiles.

These intercontinental rockets are thought to be capable for delivering a nuclear warhead to anywhere in the US, according to Reuters.

38 North added: “The change in colouring going toward the cab suggests that there may be a missile on the transporter, and the light colour may represent the missile or a light-colour tarp draped over the missile airframe.”

In addition, satellites also spotted what appeared to be as many as 50 groups of soldiers around the parade grounds.

North Korea is believed to be preparing for a military display to take place on October 10 – the 75th anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Earlier this month, a senior South Korean military officer warned North Korea could conduct a test-launch of a submarine-based missile – or SLBM – to coincide with the occasion.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman nominee Won In-choul said North Korea “could launch an SLBM by using catapulting devices following preparations for a short period of time”.

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Kim Jong-un met with US President Donald Trump a number of times, including one landmark occasion in which the two leaders stepped onto North Korean soil together.

In January, South Korean President Moon Jae-in expressed hope the US-North Korea talks could resume at some point.

However, there are now just weeks before the US general election which could see Mr Trump replaced as president.

In other North Korea news, a report unearthed by NBC News last weekend revealed the nation had been using US banks to launder money for multiple years.

Confidential bank documents allegedly revealed there had been transfers from companies linked to the North.

The transfers appeared to have no clear purpose, were transferred in round figures and occasionally came in what were described as ‘bursts’.

According to experts, the wires showed tell-tale signs of someone trying to hide where cash had come from.

Currently, there are global sanctions preventing North Korea from being part of the world’s financial network.

NBC added the total transactions amounted to just under $175 million, and involved prominent banks including JPMorgan Chase and the Bank of New York Mellon.

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