Beatles feud: Was there rivalry between Rolling Stones and Beatles? Insider opens up | Music | Entertainment

Paul continued: “Giorgio [Gomelsky, the Rolling Stones’ manager] knew that Brian Epstein and The Beatles were playing at Teddington Studios on an ABC television programme called Thank Your Lucky Stars on April 14. So we went across to Teddington…

“He had a chat to Brian about other things because they were working together on other developments and other music, and he said, ‘Oh, by the way, my new group called The Rolling Stones are playing in Richmond tonight – why don’t you bring your boys, The Beatles over and have a listen?’

“And they did. And that night on April 14, 1963, The Beatles… stayed for the evening, listened to The Stones, who at the time were playing blues covers, by which time The Beatles were writing their own stuff.

“The Beatles went off to The Stones, dreadful horrible apartments in 102 Edith Grove in Chelsea, and they partied till four o’clock in the morning.”

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