China issues HORROR warning of ‘painful’ winter coronavirus wave in US, Europe and India | World | News

Chinese state media have predicted that there will be a painful winter wave of infections and deaths in the US, Europe and India if they fail to deal will the pandemic appropriately. The coronavirus originated in China’s central city of Wuhan at the end of last year.

The virus spread world-wide and recently surpassed a global death toll of one million.

Through strict measures, China managed to control its own outbreak.

But the country was unable to stop the virus spreading into other countries.

China’s state media has celebrated Beijing’s success in controlling the disease and has thrown scorn at other countries over their efforts to fight the disease.

The state media have repeatedly rejected accusations that Beijing covered up the seriousness of the original outbreak and failed to warn other countries.

Lawmakers in the US and Europe have accused China of using disinformation and “mask diplomacy”.

China’s state-owned Global Times praised Beijing’s success in handling the pandemic and issued a warning to the US, Europe and India that they will face a “painful” wave of the virus this winter.

The paper wrote: “It’s already autumn in the northern hemisphere and winter is not far away.

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The US is the world’s worst affected country with the highest number of cases and deaths.

America has recorded a total of 7,229,693 confirmed COVID-19 cases, according to the Johns Hopkins University tracker.

The country has also registered 206,888 deaths related to the coronavirus.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly pointed the blame to China.

But his election competitor, Joe Biden, has attacked Mr Trump’s handling of the pandemic in the US.

Mr Trump, however, has praised his performance and claims Mr Biden is too soft on China.

China has accused America’s attacked on Beijing as racist attempts to shift any blame away from the White House.

China’s Global Times wrote: “The US, as the worst-hit but most powerful country, should take the blame.

“If international society has neither the ability nor resolve to reflect on this fiasco, or should the US continue to take a passive attitude or even resist global cooperation in the pandemic fight, then mankind will have to pay an even more painful price.”

It added: “The Trump administration has failed to effectively deal with the coronavirus, and is dividing the world at the peak of the pandemic. What it has done will become a huge stain of this US government.”

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