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EU leaders struck a deal on a huge coronavirus recovery package earlier this summer. The €750billion (£677billion) coronavirus fund will be used as loans and grants to the countries hit hardest by the virus, such as Italy and Spain. The remaining money represents the EU budget for the next seven years.

Despite the unprecedented package, there are still doubts that it will quash anti-EU feelings completely, and put an end to political risks in the region.

Euronews recently reported that among voters in the EU’s “Big Four” of Italy, Germany, France and Spain, polling had found that Italians were the “most in favour of leaving the EU in five years’ time if Brexit is seen to be benefiting the UK, with 45 percent either agreeing or strongly agreeing with the idea”.

Moreover, eurosceptic parties are quickly emerging in the country.

In an exclusive interview with, Italexit Party spokesman Sergio Montanaro revealed how he plans to take Rome out of the bloc.

“In those two years, we would negotiate with other states. And all of them will want to do trade deals with us.

“This is because we believe that we carry a message of national identity.

“We’ll get back control of your nation and its currency.”

Mr Montanaro claimed his party was inspired by Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, who can largely be credited for Britain’s departure from Brussels.

He said about the former MEP: “We admire him a lot.

“For people who want to leave the bloc – and not just for the Italians, but also the Dutch, the French, the Greek – he is the embodiment of the ability to do so.”

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