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Jill Biden, wife of the Democratic nominee for President, grabbed her husband and moved him away from reporters to maintain social distancing. It comes after the US President Donald Trump tested positive for coronavirus last week, before being admitted to Walter Reed hospital. Mr Biden and Mr Trump were close during last weeks debates, but efforts were made to keep the pair away from each other.

Mr and Mrs Biden were in a Miami, Florida airport when the pair were met by the press.

Mrs Biden, fearing her husband’s wellbeing, steered the nominee away from the group after she felt they were too close.

Midway through speaking, Mr Biden apologised, stepping back from the group.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have issued guidelines saying people should stay at least six feet apart to prevent spreading viruses.

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Both Biden’s, along with the reporters, were wearing face masks while the Democrat took questions.

Mr Biden added during the impromptu appearance he still hopes the second debate with Mr Trump goes ahead.

He said: “Listen to the science. If scientists say that it’s safe, then I think that’s fine.

“I’ll do whatever the experts say is appropriate for me to do.”

It follows Mr Trump being hospitalised for coronavirus over the weekend, where he was released on Monday night after he said he was feeling “really good”.

The President later spoke on Tuesday about his alleged recovery from the virus, and urged American’s to “live with it”.

He tweeted the same day coronavirus deaths were similar to flue deaths, and added: “Are we going to close down our country?

“No, we have learned to live with it, just like we are learning to live with Covid, in most populations far less lethal!!!”

Mr Trump’s tweet hugely overstated US flu deaths, with the last decade seeing between 12,000 to 61,000 deaths each year.

The US has reported 210,762 deaths from coronavirus as of October 7, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Facebook and Twitter both took actions correcting the President’s message, with Facebook removing the post and Twitter hitting it with a warning label.

Mr Trump was released after he was placed on an experimental treatment from Regeneron, which is a combination of antibody drugs and steroids.

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