US Election: Vice President Mike Pence has fly land on head during Kamala Harris debate | World | News

The Vice President was answering a question about police brutality and systemic racism when the bug flew onto his forehead. It came amid a tense but muted debate between Mr Pence and Kamala Harris. The debate comes ahead of next weeks second clash between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump.

Twitter users mocked the moment, with one user having said: “There’s a lot of buzz around Mike Pence’s debate performance.”

Another added, referencing conspiracy theories about Mr Biden’s debate performance: “Trump will claim Pence was ‘bugged’.”

One user also said: “Kamala handily won that debate. The fly gets second place.”

Even Mr Biden’s campaign laughed at the moment, with his official twitter posting a picture of the nominee with the caption: “Pitch in $5 to help this campaign fly”

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