Dolly Parton Elvis Presley: Did Dolly and Elvis work together? ‘Cried all night’ | Music | Entertainment

She admitted it was the ‘hardest thing to do,’ saying: “I had to. It was [the hardest thing to do] and I still grieve that but it wasn’t Elvis, he loved it.

“Colonel Tom said I had to give away half the publishing because Elvis didn’t record anything unless he had half the publishing.

“But I had already recorded it. So I said I couldn’t do it because I was leaving that for my family and so I just didn’t do it. And he didn’t do it.

“But after Whitney recorded it I realised that was the best choice that I’d ever make.

“But I did write a song later called I dreamed about Elvis and I had an Elvis sound-a-like sing with me on it, and we did sing I Will Always Love You as part of that song. So maybe one day I’ll put that out.”

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