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To mark the 75th anniversary of its ruling party, North Korea held a terrifying parade over the weekend showing a variety of weapon systems and unveiled what appeared to be their intercontinental ballistic missile.

The military drill also displayed a potential upgraded version of a missile which can be fired from submarines.

Footage from the military drill were shared on North Korean state media and saw Kim Jong-un waving towards spectators before watching the show.

He said North Korea would continue to build “self-defensive deterrence” and apologised for living standards in the country, as well as the coronavirus pandemic.

Kim added: ”I am ashamed that I have never been able to repay you properly for your enormous trust.

“My efforts and devotion were not sufficient to bring our people out of difficult livelihoods.”

It showed a 22-wheeled transporter carrying the seemingly-new weaponry – thought to be larger than anything previously displayed by the country.

The secretive state is believed to have continued to develop its arsenal – which it says it needs to protect itself from a US invasion – after negotiations with Washington stalled following the collapse of a summit in Hanoi last year.

Following the terrifying military parade, Tokyo announced they will be responding to “threats” which are “diversifying and complex”.

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Amid growing tensions between the countries, Japan has repeatedly called North Korea and China threats to its regional security.

It is believed Yoshihide Suga and his government are expected to compile a new missile plan later this year.

According to a former US Army Intelligence Officer, North Korea’s weapons used during the parade were “fake”.

Michael Pregend examined pictures taken in Pyongyang and said the equipment was unfit for combat.

He stated: “This was more about sending a message than being combat effective.”

Mr Pregend claimed even sunglasses worn by soldiers were not fit for purpose, adding: “Military glasses are wraparound and would also protect your eyes.”

Shannon Kile, a nuclear specialist at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) also said it was probably going to far to say they weapons were all fake, “but we shouldn’t rule it out”.

He added in 2017: “It is possible that the North Koreans are hoodwinking us. We don’t know that these are actual operational systems. We’ve been deceived in the past by what turned out to be missile mock-ups.

“Sometimes they change how they’re painted or how they’re held on the trucks and it makes it difficult to see what’s happening.”

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