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congresswoman Beatriz Ávila recently presented a bill in which she proposes declaring November 6 as a “non-holiday national day” in celebration of the “National Day of Remembrance of the first time flying the Argentine flag in the Malvinas Islands”. Mrs Ávila said it was “500 years after the discovery of the Malvinas Islands, it is a milestone between the historical and legal antecedents that sustain the sovereign rights of Argentina to the islands”. One activity that is encouraged on the November 6 celebration day would be to have all Argentines use a new map of the Malvinas Islands on their social networks.

This bicontinental map was designed by the Argentine foreign ministry at the request of a United Nations resolution.

The proposed November 6 celebration could be seen as an effort to reaffirm Argentine sovereign rights over the Falklands, South Georgia, and the South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding maritime spaces.

Former Argentine secretary for matters relating to the Falkland Islands Daniel Filmus will participate in the 200-year-old celebration of the raising of the national flag on the disputed islands.

On November 3 Mr Filmus will be the main host of the journalistic event, organised by the Association of Journalists of the Argentine Republic, APeRA, and the World Network of Spanish-Speaking Journalists.

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In 1998 large oil reserves were discovered in the sea bed around the Falkland Islands.

Mr Fimus has always insisted the natural resources around the Falklands “belong to 44 million Argentinians”.

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