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Asked who will be feeling more pressure to win this year given Nadal’s lack of success at the Finals and Djokovic’s recent disappointments, Hantuchova added: “It’s so personal that I think only Novak and Rafa know that, we’d have to ask them.

“They’re such incredible competitors that no matter they feel pressure or not, they know how to go about it and come out with their best tennis when it really counts.

“That’s why they’re such incredible champions so I can’t really speak for them as far as whether they feel more pressure or not.


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“I think just because of everything that’s been happening in the world this year, I think there is more joy than pressure among the players.

“I think they appreciate that they have the opportunity to compete and that has translated to much more joy on the court and that’s why we’re seeing so many incredible matches, nobody is mentally checking out, they’re giving 150 per cent out there because they appreciate the opportunity that we actually have some live tennis and it’s really cool to see that.”

Hantuchova has been one of very few allowed inside the bubble of major ATP tournaments since the sport returned amid the pandemic and will be at the Finals on behalf of Amazon Prime.

And she added: “It’s been a real privilege for me, I was there for Roland Garros, now here in London for the ATP Finals.

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