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The two-star US Navy admiral who has overseen military intelligence in the Asia-Pacific region has visited Taiwan. will be vexed by this high-level trip by a top US general. Under China’s ‘one country, two systems’ protocol any official trip to Taiwan by a foreign power must ask permission from Beijing.

The CCP see any bilateral arrangements between Taipei and other governments as a direct challenge to their claim over the island democracy.

Beijing claims Taiwan as its territory since the CCP won the Chinese civil war and the nationalists fled to the island.

The US Navy general was Rear Admiral Michael Studeman.

Mr Studeman is director of the J2, the organisation oversees intelligence and is based in the US military’s Indo-Pacific Command.

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This led Chinese defence ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang said: “Recently the United States and (DPP) authorities have stepped up their collusion, frequently creating disturbances.”

The Democratic Progressive Party is Taiwan’s ruling party.

Bejing warned the US not to try and “use Taiwan to control China”.

Mr Guoqiang said Taiwan should not, “rely on foreigners to build oneself up and is wishful thinking and doomed to be a dead-end”.

He added: “Those who play with fire will get burnt.”

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