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There have been no reports of damage or any casualties from the earthquake in Austria. One person said: “We just had an earthquake here in Vienna. “Nothing serious – just felt the lamps swinging.” Another person said: “I’m fairly sure there was an earthquake in Vienna just now. 

“My door mysteriously opened by itself and all the lamps were swinging.”

A third said: “We just felt a mini earthquake here in Vienna. 

“First noticed the Christmas tree and baubles were swaying from side-to-side.”

A fourth said: “Was there just an earthquake in Vienna?

“Our building just shook pretty ominously.”

Although it is not confirmed, an earthquake was reported in Croatia this morning and is likely to have caused the tremors in Austria. 

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the earthquake occurred at 11.19am UTC. 

The USGS also reported the earthquake occurred at a depth of 10km. 

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Although there have been no reports of any casualties, some footage has shown one house with a collapsed roof. 

European Parliament President, Charles Michel commented on the situation today in Croatia. 

He said: “We are closely following the situation in Zagreb following the devastating earthquake.

“Our thoughts go out to the injured and frontline workers.

“At this difficult time, the European Union offers its full support and assistance to the people of Croatia.”

The country’s Red Cross has now been deployed to the area to help with the recovery. 


They said: “Strong earthquake again. The situation in Petrinja is very serious.

“The Red Crisis teams are on the field.”

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