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The Chinese premier signed a mobilisation order on Monday, demanding the armed forces step up combat preparations. Xi, who has attempted to make China the leading military force in the world, also asked the armed forces to be ready for an attack at any second in a veiled warning to the West. Xi who is not just the leader of the country but is also China’s Central Military Commission chief, stated the armed forces should now train in preparation to be deployed in a “real war scenario”.

In a statement on the military commission website, the order read: “Training under real combat conditions must be deepened and all military training should be war-centred and conducive to improving combat effectiveness, and the research on warfare and combat-related issues should be enhanced”.

The order asked the armed forces to “strengthen confrontational training under real war scenario, hone the troops in the frontline of military struggle, and promote the in-depth combination and integration of military training and operations, ensuring combat readiness all the time and operational capability at any time”.

This order also fulfils Xi’s ‘New Era’ policy to make China the leading global power.

The military order comes as tensions remain high with the US ahead of President-elect, Joe Biden’s inauguration later this month.

Mr Biden will come into office at a time whereby relations have soured due to the accusations levelled at Beijing over its handling of the coronavirus.

The US has also issued sanctions to Chinese Communist Party members due to the allegations surrounding Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang.

Along with the UK, the US has also issued its concern over Huawei kit being used in telecommunication systems in the West.

As of yet, it is unclear what stance Mr Biden will take on China, although some officials in the state insist the new President could usher in a new era for Sino-American relations.

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The move will open up the Chinese market for European investment.

Mr Biden’s own national security adviser, Jake Sullivan had asked the EU to delay the deal until it had been discussed with Washington.

At the heart of the matter is China’s promises over labour conditions in the state.

Although China agreed to maintain high working standards, some have expressed concern over whether Beijing will follow these commitments.

One EU diplomat said: “EU ambassadors broadly welcomed the latest progress in the EU-China talks.

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