My Brother Tarik Is ‘Threatened By’ Me

Setting the record straight! 90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk star Dean Hashim is finally opening up about the yearslong feud with his brother Tarik Myers and the untold story of what went on behind the scenes.

The 45-year-old shut down rumors that his sibling got him fired from the show and confirmed that he actually quit due to the tension between them.

“I didn’t get fired from Pillow Talk,” Dean tells Us exclusively. “I walked away from Pillow Talk because of the competitive, narcissistic and manipulative — just downright wicked — things that my brother was doing to me behind the scenes.”

90 Day Fiance Dean Hashim Reveals Brother Tarik Myers Wicked Behavior
Dean Hashim and Tarik Myers Courtesy of Dean Hashim/Instagram; Courtesy of Tarik Myers/Instagram

The TLC personality noted that Tarik, 43, who is currently starring in season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé, has been talking about him online and on TV. “This [has] been happening ever since I got a little height and a little handsomeness on him. He’s threatened by me since I was, like, 15 years old,” Dean says.

“I don’t talk about him but when you look at his social media, he’s blabbing at the mouth, talking mess about me,” the reality star adds. “Talking mess about me on the show, which millions of people watch. But it’s OK because, me? I don’t want to live my life with that back-and-forth stuff.”

He promises fans will get more than their fill of drama by tuning in to the newest franchise spinoff, 90 Day Bares All.

“You guys gotta watch it,” Dean says, teasing a confrontation between him and Tarik. “I had 20-something years of ammo that I needed to let out. I needed to let this stuff out because I allowed, I accepted and I went along with it for years. I suppressed my time for years for him because he told me he was the water and he’s the one that’s going to get us rich.”

90 Day Fiance Dean Hashim Reveals Brother Tarik Myers Wicked Behavior
Dean Hashim

As for him and Tarik, Dean explains that their feud is still ongoing. “The status of our relationship is I don’t hate him. I love my brother, but there isn’t a relationship. He’s ruined that. And he’s ruined it over a course of time,” he says.

Dean adds, “I can forgive, but I can never forget. You can never let your guard down when you’re dealing with someone who would go to any links to sabotage you or to take you down a notch.”

He first appeared on Tarik’s season of 90 Day Fiancé before joining Pillow Talk and 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined.

New episodes of 90 Day Bares All air on Discovery+ on Sundays.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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