New York protest chaos: Violent police clashes as BLM demonstrators take to City Hall Park | World | News

The NYPD reported 29 protesters were arrested throughout the demonstration, and 10 officers had been injured. They claimed an officer was hit in the head with a bottle, as social media footage showed police roughly take down protesters. It follows New York’s attorney general suing the NYPD over their rough treatment of Black Lives Matter protesters last spring.

Officials did not share what charges the protesters were arrested on, but footage said police told the crowd they were “unlawfully in the roadway”.

Clashes between police and protesters began at around 8:30pm local time (1:30AM GMT), after the demonstrations came close to City Hall Park.

Hundreds of protesters, who originally met outside of the Barclays Centre, marched across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan.

Social media footage shows officers dragging protesters over barricades, as well as demonstrators shouting “f*** you” to the police.


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