Japan earthquake: Massive 7.1 magnitude quake strikes – buildings shake in Tokyo | World | News

The Japan Meteorological Agency said the epicentre of the earthquake was off the coast of Fukushima prefecture with a depth of 60km (36 miles). The earthquake hit at 11:08 pm local time (1408 GMT) and shook buildings in the capital of Tokyo. But the agency said a tsunami warning had not been issued.

As a precaution, residents close to coastal areas have been advised to move to higher ground.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said in a statement: “An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude 7.1 occurred near the coast of Honshu, Japan at 14:07 UTC on Saturday February 13, 2021.

“Based on all available data, there is no tsunami threat from this earthquake.”

The Volcano Discovery website reported the earthquake has occurred near where the devastating Tohoku earthquake struck in March 2011.

That 9.0 magnitude earthquake was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan, and the fourth most powerful earthquake in the world since records began in 1900.

It triggered a powerful tsunami with waves of up to 40ft killing nearly 16,000 people, according to the latest report from the Japanese National Police Agency.

The Volcano Discovery website said: “It is interesting to note that today’s quake occurred in almost the same location as the catastrophic Tohoku earthquake from 11 March 2011.

“In fact, it is likely a late aftershock.”

Earthquakes are extremely common in Japan, which is one of the world’s most seismically active areas.

The country accounts for 20 percent of the world’s earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater.


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