Melania Trump savages ‘media’s unhealthy obsession’ with former FLOTUS after ‘hit piece’ | World | News

An article by CNN claimed the former First Lady was “bitter and chilly” towards her husband Donald Trump after the Capitol riots in January. The Office of Melania Trump tweeted in response to the report: “Mrs Trump is no longer First Lady. She is a private citizen, mother, & wife.

“Sources in this article are not affiliated [with] her nor have insight into her thoughts or daily life.

“CNN’s FLOTUS Correspondent choosing to publish false gossip illustrates the media’s unhealthy obsession.”

The comments came in a reply to a tweet posted by Amy Kremer, co-founder of Women for Trump, who labelled the CNN report as a “hit piece”.

Ms Kremer tweeted: “Why is it necessary to write a hit piece on Melania Trump after she has left the WH & is just trying to live her life in private, @KateBennett_DC?

“Please, have some grace & leave her alone.”

On Friday, Melania announced the official opening of her post-White House office in Florida.

According to CNN, the former First Lady has hired three members from her White House team to help set-up the office.

One source told the publication that Melania “hopes to resurrect her Be Best campaign” which aimed to help American children combat online bullying.

Several sources also told CNN that Mrs Trump is spending a lot of her post-White House time at day spas.

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