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Due to the slow pace of vaccinations in the country, experts have warned hospitalisations and case levels may skyrocket in the coming months. In a warning from a group of scientists at the prestigious Pasteur Institute, they indicated hospitalisations may rise to levels seen at the height of the second peak of the virus. With so few people receiving a vaccine in the country, the scientists stated the healthcare system will be overwhelmed by the end of April.

Without a strong vaccine programme, the experts urged Emmanuel Macron to increase measures to try and curb case numbers.

Indeed, at the current rate of vaccinations in France, it is expected it will only delay a rise in hospital admissions by two weeks.

The scientists warned: “We expect that the vaccination may help delay the rise in hospital admissions by about two weeks.

“However, its impact may not be sufficient to balance the effect of the increased transmissibility of the UK variant.

“Indeed, the number of hospital admissions might reach in the second half of April 2021, levels observed at the peak of the French second wave and more than 4,500 daily hospital admissions at the peak which would likely overwhelm the healthcare system.”

Even French Government spokesman Gabriel Attal has warned the situation across the country is deteriorating rapidly.

Overall, the scientists concluded the current rate of vaccination will see only 10 percent of the population inoculated by mid-March.

According to figures from Our World in Data, France’s vaccination rate per 100 people is lagging well behind the UK’s.

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In a meeting with EU leaders, one revealed the French President had been questioned over his claim.

As reported by The Daily Telegraph, one official said: “The point was raised by some leaders indeed.

“I cannot say who and when it was raised.

“There are in some countries some doubts and I think that the question was more to get clarification on if it was true or not and since then I think the commission has reacted to this.”

In contrast to some claims from the EU, according to research from the universities of Edinburgh and Strathclyde and Public Health Scotland, the Oxford vaccine was found to be highly effective after one shot.

In the study, after one jab the chance of hospitalisation reduced by 94 percent.

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