Pokemon Presents CONFIRMED: Start time and live stream details for pre-Pokemon Day Direct | Gaming | Entertainment

While the Pokemon Company is yet to give any kind of indication about what kind of announcements are coming, the broadcast is likely to reveal what will be happing to mark the Pokemon franchise’s 25th anniversary.

Previously the Pokemon makers teased they had “very special” plans in place to mark the big birthday.

And we know some of the ways this anniversary is being marked such as an upcoming Pokemon Day concert that is being held this Saturday and headlined by Post Malone.

But arguably what fans want to know most is what games are in store that will be releasing in 2021 as part of the anniversary festivities.

And previous leaks have claimed, besides New Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Unite, fans could be getting a Detective Pikachu sequel as well remakes Pokemon gamers have long been clamouring for.

These upcoming Pokemon projects were teased by reliable leaker Kelios, and while the leaker didn’t specifically name which Pokemon games are getting the remake treatment it’s believed to be much-loved DS classics Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

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