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There is good news and bad news for Call of Duty fans today, with an ongoing server outage causing multiplayer issues across PS4, Xbox One, PC and next-gen consoles.

COD fans are reporting that Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War servers are still down, following good news for Warzone players.

The official Activision server status site suggests the same thing; that Warzone servers are returning to normal whilst Cold War remains affected.

Cold War is currently using a queue system, meaning that it might take several minutes to log in. The Cold War queue usually states a certain time until you can sign in, but then reset due to high demand.

The good news is that reports of a server outage are dropping, meaning that more gamers are getting back online.

The latest message from Activision on the situation reads: “We’re currently experiencing connectivity issues. This incident is under investigation.

“This incident is still open, and we are working to restore online services as quickly as possible.”

From what has been shared so far, this new outage does not appear to be one that will last a long time, and could be fixed within the hour.

Until then, Cold War gamers may struggle to connect to live games, and Black Ops queuing will remain in effect until things improve.

There is no ETA on when servers will be back online and there has been no word on what has left gamers across PS4, Xbox One and PC unable to connect.

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