Elon Musk was asked to redo school test after score was too high, says mother | World | News

The future billionaire had test grades so high, examiners ordered a retake. Maye Musk shared the tweet on Wednesday, showing a letter of the tech mogul’s computer aptitude test results.

The test results show straight A+ results for the 17-year-old’s operating and programming tests.

Maye tweeted: “I found your computer aptitude test from when you were 17.

“If I remember correctly, they had to retest you because they had never seen such a high score.”

She continued: “No wonder you are such a brilliant engineer. #ProudMom.”

The letter Maye showed was from the Universiteit Van Pretoria in South Africa, dated May 17, 1989.

The Director of Information Management JLMT Wiechers wrote: “I have requested ISM (SA) to conduct aptitude tests on ELON MUSK regarding computer programming etc.

“The results were outstanding.”

Musk’s company SpaceX announced on Thursday that it had launched 60 Starlink satellites from a complex at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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In 1999, Musk co-founded the online bank, X.com which would later merge with Confinity to become PayPal.

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