Priscilla Presley: What did Elvis’s ex make of his girlfriends? ‘Take care of him’ | Music | Entertainment

“‘You are always with my daddy, and my mommy never got to be with my daddy. So that’s why.’”

In an interview with ITV’s Loose Women, however, Priscilla claimed to have a very different memory of their relationship, even making sure Linda was good to Elvis while they were together.

Speaking about the day of their divorce, Priscilla said: “When we were in the courtroom we were holding hands before the judge.

“We never went to court. We went behind the chambers, and we were sitting there and I was looking at his hands because they were so bloated…

“I asked him, he was dating Linda Thompson at the time, and I said, you know, ‘Is she taking care of you? Are you okay?’ And he said ‘Yes, I’m good. I’m alright.’”

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