Taiwan train derailment leaves at least 41 dead and 60 injured | World | News

A further 60 people have been reported as injured. People became trapped in the wreckage after the train’s carriages collided with the tunnel wall. Rescuers are searching for victims as they struggle to access crushed carriages.

The train derailed while travelling to Taitung, just north of Hualien in Taiwan on Friday April, 2.

The train was carrying around 350 people, many of whom were tourists getting away for a long weekend.

Between 80 and 100 have been evacuated from the first four carriages.

The fire department said carriages five through to eight have been “deformed” and are difficult to access.

A vehicle is suspected of causing the crash after sliding into the path of the train.

An image of a truck’s wreckage was released by the fire department showing the vehicle lying next to part of the derailed trail.

Central News Agency said the truck was “not parked properly” and is suspected of causing the crash.

Images of the scene show some of the train carriages in the tunnel ripped apart from the force of the impact.

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“Earlier, after I received the notification, I gave four instructions: first, all relevant units are fully committed to the rescue mission; second, the Ministry of Health and Sixth, initiated an emergency medical care mechanism for a large number of injured patients; third, the Ministry of Transportation and Taiwan R ; The FCA will strictly conduct accident investigations and make sure to fully clarify the cause of the accident.

“It is a top priority to do our best to rescue the trapped.

“We cheer for the disaster relief personnel and pray for the safety of the personnel.”

This is the most serious train crash the country has experienced in decades.

A similar incident, in which 18 people died, occurred in 2018.

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