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The First Lady paid a visit this week to Delano in California to commemorate the birthday of the Latin American civil rights activist César Chávez. Mr Chávez was also a trade unionist who helped create the first union of farmworkers. While on a visit to a vaccination centre for farmworkers, Dr Biden praised their efforts and those of other key workers in helping to keep the country running during the pandemic.

“As millions of Americans were isolated at home, we depended on those who kept going in to work, every single day,” she said to her audience.

“Without the farmworkers who kept harvesting our food, or the factory workers who packaged it, the grocery store clerks who stocked shelves, no one would have made it through this year.”

Towards the end of her speech, the First Lady opted to try out her Spanish, as she mentioned the Union’s motto – “¡Sí Se Puede!” – which translates as “Yes we can”.

However, Dr Biden’s fluency in Spanish left a lot to be desired, prompting much amusement on social media, as the video of her speech went viral.

Steve Cortes, a former member of Donald Trump’s National Hispanic Advisory Council, tweeted: “‘Si, se pwodway!’

“Can’t get enough watches of the good Doctor’s audition for the Veep sequel…”

Another wrote: “Jill Biden makes Peggy Hill sound like a native Spanish speaker.”

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However, others questioned how many languages the former First Lady really knows.

One replied: “I’ve heard her French: “Je m’appelle Melania,” after which she switched to English.

“Her German modeling agency said it had to work with her in English.

“She couldn’t speak Italian with the pope. She’s okay in English and is fluent in Slovenian. That makes 1½.”

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