‘France is in a bad way’ Andrew Neil slams ‘snail’s pace’ jabs rollout | World | News

Andrew Neil has slammed President Emmanuel Macron for a “snails pace” vaccine rollout in France. The GB News founder has been stranded in France as the country battles a massive third wave of coronavirus and has shut all bars and non-essential retail. He branded the country as being “in a very bad way” and expressed his frustration at curfews. He added he was “homesick” as well. 

He continued in his frustration saying: “There is a curfew from seven o’clock in the evening until six in the morning.

“And a curfew from Friday night till Monday morning at weekends.”

He reiterated: “There are no pubs, or should I say wine bars, or anything like that.

“No bistros open that we can use here in France for the moment or indeed for the foreseeable future.”

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Mr Johnson had another phone call with his French counterpart in late December, as the border closure had caused chaos in Dover.

With queues of trucks snaking in England and some supermarket shelves stripped just days before Christmas, the UK sought a deal with France.

A deal was reached with Paris to allow French and other EU residents to return home, providing they have a negative Covid test that is less than 72 hours old.

Recently Mr Macron said that the “problematic virus mutation” identified in southern England caused the UK “to take exceptional decisions on Saturday and accelerate the measure of closures and constraint”.

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