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Lewis Hamilton faces arguably the strongest challenge yet to his dominance at the front of the F1 pack, but can he overcome the charging Max Verstappen to claim his 100th pole position at the Portuguese Grand Prix this weekend?

He’s broken pretty much every record put in front of him, and this season is looking to become the most decorated driver in F1 history, if he can win an unprecedented eighth world title, overtaking Michael Schumacher.

However, it doesn’t look to be going all Hamilton’s way this season, with the reinvigorated, and let’s face it, faster than Mercedes, Red Bull, led firmly to the watering hole by Max Verstappen.

Already it looks like the championship title battle will come down to Verstappen and Hamilton, with it now standing at one a piece for the two drivers.

With just a single point separating the two drivers in the standings, round three heads to Portugal once again, with all eyes firmly set on for what could be a season-long championship duel.

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“It’s great to be fighting against Lewis, Mercedes who, I think, as a team, they have been so dominant and they’re very difficult to beat,” said Verstappen.

“So to be able to sit here now, now two races in a row, we were very, very competitive, that’s very promising but no guarantees.

“It’s a very long season. We just have to keep on working very hard. I’m very happy with the result, of course, but that’s today. I’m of course going to be happy about today, but tomorrow we start again.

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