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Monster Hunter Rise fans will be able to download a brand new update this week – the version 2.0 title update. During the Monster Hunter Digital Event Capcom revealed the release date for the first big free content update for the hit Nintendo Switch game. And this new content drop is just around the corner, with the Monster Hunter Rise update 2.0 release date pencilled in for Wednesday April 28.

In terms of a release time, in a tweet published at 3.17pm UK time the @MonsterHunter account said the version 2.0 download would be available in ten hours time.

That would mean the patch should be available around 1am BST on Wednesday April 28.

The official Monster Hunter Twitter posted: “Chameleos has returned, alongside fearsome Elder Dragons, and Apex Monsters! 

“#MHRise Update Ver. 2.0 launches in 10 hours! FREE for all players.”

Monster Hunter Rise version 2.0 will also add new paid-for DLC. Here’s the new arrivals for the Nintendo eShop…

• Hunter Voices: Fugen, Minto

• Pose set: Idol Pose Set

• Gesture set: Delightful Dance

• Sticker set: Special sticker 1 (illustrations by Azarasi Yuzuko)

• Hairstyles: Samurai, Twin ponytails

• Face paints: Tear, Petit face

• BGM: Yukumo Village, Kamura Village (Piano version)

• Character Edit Vouchers: One, two and three character edit vouchers

• Hunter layered armour: Swallow shirt, Swallow gloves, Swallow boots

• Palamute layered armour: Bone collar, Heart collar, Spiked collar, Bow collar

• Palico layered armour: Bell collar, Heart collar, Spiked collar, Bow collar

• Cohoot outfits: Ace pilot, Menacing macaw

The DLC will also be available in a bundle called ‘Monster Hunter Rise DLC Pack 2’, but this won’t include the character edit vouchers.

Fans were also teased what’s coming in the future, with the reveal that the version 3.0 update will add a brand new story chapter that takes place after Monster Hunter Rise’s ending.

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