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UPDATE: Riot Games has confirmed its launch plans, revealing that the Valorant Act 3 release time has been set for 6am PST on Tuesday, April 27. It should be noted that there might be a period when servers go offline.

Meanwhile, Episode 2 Act 3 will not be arriving at the same time on all servers, with a second message from Riot Games confirming a maintenance period for April 28, at around 4am BST.

ORIGINAL: The time has come for the latest content update to be released, with developers Riot Games revealing more regarding the new map and Battle Pass before the Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 release date.

Act 3 hasn’t got a confirmed Agent launch locked in yet, but we know that the Breeze map will be available to play on release day.

There will also be a fresh Battle Pass to complete, with the Episode 2, Act 3 Battlepass costing 1,000 VP and includes gun skins, Radianite points, gun buddies, cards, sprays and titles.

Riot Games has also announced the new Forsaken skinline, which allows you to wear the remnants of the exiled Sovereign, and includes a custom model, visual effects, audio, variants, killer banner and finished for the Vandal, Operator, Spectre, Classic and Forsaken Ritual Blade.

It is priced at the PE price tier with skins starting at 1,775 VP each or 7,100 VP for the bundle. Without a new Agent beefing up the lineup of new content, most fans will be looking for the new Breeze map to take centre stage.

Breeze is set on a remote island located somewhere within the southern part of the BERMUDA TRIANGLE.

The aesthetics feature a bright colourful environment with wide-open spaces and opportunities for long-range encounters.

Riot has been teasing the new map this week, with new gameplay footage being shared by streamers of the wide choke points and large open spaces that will be on offer.

And speaking about the goals of the new Breeze map and what kind of impact they wanted it to have, Riot’s Sal Garozzo revealed this week:

“One of the main goals we had with Breeze was building larger and more open spaces with longer sightlines than the other maps in the pool.

“This provides an opportunity for different weapons and Agents to shine. Each map should provide different strengths and weaknesses for the Agents in the roster to explore while supporting different types of strategies and team compositions.”


Riot Games has confirmed that Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 has a release date set for Tuesday, April 27, in the United States.

And based on earlier releases, we would expect the Valorant Act 3 release time to be set between 1am PST and 6am PST.

This means that Act 2 will be ending late tonight on the North America servers. However, while Act 3 might be playable in North America on April 27, timings might be different in the UK.

European servers usually lag behind by a day, so Act 3 might start on April 28 for some gamers.

More news on the subject is expected to be shared by Riot Games in the coming hours.

Another big part of this week’s Valorant launch is the Battle Pass, with Riot’s Preeti Khanolkar, sharing this story on how they put together the new designs, revealing:

“When coming up with our crazier ideas, we look to see what the VALORANT community finds hilarious or interesting.

“One of those moments inspired the Knife Fight card, which is one of our favorite cards because when Icebox first released, we laughed a lot at all the videos of players taking turns “jousting” on the ziplines.

“The Paul’s Pizza Party card is another card inspired by the community’s love for the “Employee of the Month” on Icebox, Paul, and the items in the Icebox kitchen.

“For gun buddies, we created the Ancient Mysteries Revealed buddy because players seem to find the seemingly-random octopus-related content to be funny. Similarly, Dan the Penguin was an obvious buddy choice given how cute he is and how much players adore him.

“There are a lot of great sprays in the pass, but one of our favorites is probably Lobster? Sometimes, something is just so silly and low-effort that it’s actually amazing.”

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