Ursula Von der Leyen reveals €750 billion plan to ‘rapidly’ build European Union future | World | News

Ursula von der Leyen has outlined her plans for a “rapid” economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic after admitting the trading bloc was “badly hit” by the crisis. The European Commission President added that the NextGenerationEU recovery plan will power the European Union‘s single market.

Ms von der Leyen said: “Vaccination is gathering speed across Europe, it is now essential that our economy, which was badly hit by the pandemic, also recovers rapidly.

“We have just entered a crucial phase for our recovery and for the future of our union.

“We have €750 billion from our NextGeneration EU recovery plan which we need to invest rapidly.

“This will boost our social market economy and power our unique single market.

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“It will enable Europe to come out stronger from the crisis.”

She added: “We need to target these investments carefully, to make Europe fit for the future.

“We have 750 billion to build our future Union, this is the opportunity of the century for Europe.

“It is a truly historical moment.

“In London, they now recognise step by step that Johnson cannot deliver on his promises.

“I think we did our job to do our best.

“When I grew up UK diplomacy was a symbol of credibility. Today when we saw the Northern Ireland protocol and how Johnson behaves the message is ‘I don’t care, I don’t care even about my signature’.

“That is the new Great Britain that we have as partners on our side.”

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