Turkey lockdown: Nation under strictest measures until May 17 to save tourism | World | News

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the country will undergo strict measures starting today and ending on May 17. It is hoped the measures will save Turkey’s summer tourism and “rapidly” stop the coronavirus spread.

Mr Erdogan said: “At a time when Europe is entering a phase of reopening, we need to rapidly cut our case numbers to below 5,000 not to be left behind.

“Otherwise, we will inevitably face heavy costs in every area, from tourism to trade and education.”

Hospitality businesses are already shut across the country.

However, the new rules indicate that people must only leave the house for essential shopping and medical emergencies.

They also require an official certification to travel between different towns.

Alcohol sales in the country will be banned at supermarkets from April 29 until May 17, officials have told Bloomsberg.

The prohibition has caused controversy with critics claiming it impacts people’s private lives.

Ozgur Aybas, president of an association that represents Turkish liquor stores, took to Twitter to voice his opposition to the move.

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