MLB The Show 21 servers: Third week in a row of server maintenance | Gaming | Entertainment

MLB The Show 21’s launch week had plenty of server maintenance scheduled, which came off the back of a release day where a large number of players reported receiving an ‘unhandled server exception occurred’ network error message.

On Friday the MLB The Show Twitter said a game update and server update was pushed out that was meant to resolve a number of issues.

The account tweeted: “Game Update 3 & server update @ 4 AM PT on 4/30/21 includes: Increased progression rate of Ballplayer fundamentals. Search functions in the Stadium Creator Vault.

“Roster download error fix. And more.”

While previously the @MLBTheShow Twitter said addressing server performance was a priority for the team.

The account posted: “Our priority is to improve our server stability and performance. As we continue to work on those issues, we will be extending the Double XP until further notice.

“Thank you all for your reports and your continued patience.”

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