Apex Legends DOWN: EA server status latest following Season 9 Legacy issues | Gaming | Entertainment

Apex Legends servers are reportedly down again tonight following a bumpy start to Season 9 earlier this week.

Gamers report issues with connecting to live servers and receiving error messages stating that no servers could be found.

One affect user commented: “I get home from a day at work, sit down and turn on some Apex, which I’ve been thinking about all day due to the new season, and I’m met with a can’t connect to servers error. This is unacceptable for such a large company; it’s not just one server down.”

Another adds: “If you are on PC, most likely you can connect to servers. Those on consoles are the ones it would seem having the most trouble.”

The good news is that while thousands of comments are online backing up this latest server outage report, it appears it could be short-lived.

While many found themselves unable to play during the launch of Apex Legends Season 9, today’s outage has already seen a drop in reports, meaning that things could be solved very quickly.


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