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The latest predictions from astronomers is that the rocket’s core debris will fall back to earth around 5.19 am Sunday morning, Greenwich meantime. However, there is still a big window in precisely knowing when the rocket will fall back to earth. Experts have admitted it could be eight hours before or after that.

The Aerospace Corporation has tweeted: “Our latest prediction for Long March 5B CZ-5B rocket body reentry is 09 May 2021 04:19 UTC ± 8 hours.

“Along the ground track shown here.”

Astronomers have stated that predicting where the rocket might land is very difficult.

This is because it is moving so fast.

China’s foreign ministry has recently released a statement saying that the risk of any harm from the falling rocket debris is “extremely low”.

The core element of China’s Long March rockets go into orbit along with the payload they are carrying.

This then causes re-entry problems for such large pieces of “space junk”.

The Aerospace Corporation said in a blog post: “The Long March 5B re-entry is unusual because during launch, the first stage of the rocket reached orbital velocity instead of falling downrange as is common practice.

“The empty rocket body is now in an elliptical orbit around Earth where it is being dragged toward an uncontrolled reentry.”

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