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Elvis Presley loved a laugh with his Memphis Mafia and would often pull pranks. And now The King’s cousin Billy Smith has shared a couple of the star’s favourite jokes. In a new video, he started off with a sweary rhyme that Elvis found particularly funny.

Appearing on the Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel, Billy recounted: “As I awoke this morning to greet the morning dawn, a robin perched on my windowsill to sing his lovely song.

“As he sang his song so lovely and so sweet, I slowly closed the windowsill and crushed his f***ing skull.”

While a cleaner one Elvis Presley liked to tell was: “How can you tell if you’ve got an elephant in the car?”

With the punch line being: “You can smell the peanuts on his breath.”

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One time Elvis told a director and producer on a studio set this joke but messed it up saying: “How can you tell if you’ve got a peanut in the car?”

Realising he’d ruined the joke, Billy says The King just turned and walked off back to his dressing room to start reading his lines, while they were still waiting to hear the rest of it.

In another video, The King’s cousin shared how the Memphis Mafia pranked the star into a surprise birthday party.

Elvis was usually the prankster rather than the one who was pranked, but he was caught out this time around.

So Elvis rushed over to the house, while the rest of the Memphis Mafia wrapped Red’s foot up with a bandage and put ketchup all over it.

The next thing they knew, Elvis came in with a torch as Red was hopping around with a cane.

But then suddenly the rest of the Memphis Mafia jumped out and shouted, “Surprise! Happy Birthday!”

Jo said: “Of course he loved it, but he couldn’t act like he really did…because that was one thing that we got away with doing that he didn’t know…was coming about.”

She added: “Elvis was the worst person in the world to keep a secret, he could not keep secrets!”

This year would have marked The King’s 86th birthday had he lived to 2021.

Next year, a movie biopic of his life directed by Baz Luhrmann hits cinemas.

The Warner Bros film stars Austin Butler as The King and Tom Hanks as his manager Colonel Tom Parker.

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