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Lewis Hamilton believes the new “heavier, slower” cars in Formula 1 feels like a step back for the Championship in 2022. F1 will have an overhaul next season, with a whole new reshaping of the rules and regulations which were unanimously approved, to try and make races more competitive and exciting for fans.

As well as a cost cap of £124million ($175m) introduced, tyre sizes have been increased from 13-inch tyres to 18-inches, resulting in a heavier car in 2022.

Hamilton took part in a tyre test with Pirelli following the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, to help the development of the new wider tyres.

“I’ve had a look at it,” Hamilton told AS about the rule changes. “If you are in F1, you have to understand the technology that’s in place, the complications of the budget ceiling, how difficult it will be to develop from now on.

“For example, I did a test with the 18-inch tyres [at Imola last month] to know what the difference is, how it will affect me as a driver when it comes to taking the car next year.

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“I know who I am, where I come from and what I’m capable of,” said Hamilton. “I’ve no idea if I’m going to win it, although I’m working towards it, but it certainly won’t change anything important in my life.

“The numbers are not what worries me the most. I worry about who I am. Of course I want to win the World Championship though, there’s a huge team working behind me for that.”

“I know how hard I’ve had to work to be strong, not make mistakes, extract every opportunity I’ve had and nobody can take that away from me,” he added.

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