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New South Wales State Agriculture Minister, Adam Marshall, warned of social and economic issues for farmers in Australia if the mouse plague issue is not resolved quickly. He remarked that farmers were quickly approaching the critical point in the plague. He added things would become even worse if the plague was dealt with by spring. 

To combat the plague, the Government has ordered 5,000 litres of the banned poison Bromadiolone from India.

While the poison is available over the counter in Australia for homes, it is not allowed on farms due to the risk it poses to other animals.

Mr Marshall said: “We’re at a critical point now, where if we don’t significantly reduce the number of mice that are in plague proportions by spring we are facing an absolute economic and social crisis.

“This would be a social and economic crisis in rural and regional New South Wales.

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“So not only are we providing those free baits and treatment facilities for farmers, free of charge, removing all of the costs of baiting for mice in paddocks.

“But we also have applied to the Federal Government for emergency approval of a poison that is four times stronger than anything that is available on the market at the moment.

“This is a product that is currently illegal in Australia because it is so toxic.

“We are having to go down this path because we need something that is super strength.

Another farmer Sarah Pye said: “Every day, day in day out, it is dreadful.”

Videos have also begun circulating on social media to highlight the extent of the issue.

One particular video showed large groups of mice pouring out from a grain silo, emphasising the magnitude of the problem.

Farmers of New South Wales have asked for $25,000 to deal with the issue per farm.

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