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Sky News Australia host James Morrow lashed out at US President Joe Biden after reports they will be pulling out their only aircraft carrier from the Pacific region. He noted, while it does not mean China will attack Taiwan, China’s President Xi Jinping will likely take notice of this action. He also added, with the US no longer a threat in the region, China is free to step in and increase its power, with the area left “naked and exposed”.

Mr Morrow said: “The Wall Street Journal reported this week that the sole remaining US aircraft carrier in the Pacific is being sent to the Middle East to help with the withdraw of American troops from Afghanistan.

“That is right, the Pentagon is leaving the Pacific naked and exposed to the depredation of China’s communist People’s Liberation Army.

“They are doing this because they need all hands on deck to get the US out of the failed military venture of the Middle East.

“This doesn’t mean that China is going to invade Taiwan tomorrow but it also doesn’t mean that Xi Jinping is not taking notice.

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“After all, if the US no longer projects power into the Pacific, someone else will rush in to fill the gap.”

He continued: “It raises another question too: if the US is not about being geared up to fight America’s foes, who is it fighting?

“That is where things get really disturbing.

“We have also seen the Pentagon work to expose Trump supporters in the name of fighting so-called extremism.”

Political commentators have warned a conflict could break out if China remains confident and aggressive.

Commentator Gordon Chang said China’s top diplomat has insisted the US can not speak to China from a position of authority.

He added deterrents are less impactful right now as China’s confidence remains high.

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