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Fox news host Pete Hegseth called for more sanctions to be levelled on Russia following a massive cyber attack on the USA. He branded Russia as a “gas station with a flag” and said the US needs to “cut off” its energy capabilities in order to “cripple them”. It comes as Microsoft warned on Thursday a Russian hacking group known as Nobelium targeted over 150 organisations across the world last week. Amongst the targets were US government agencies. President Joe Biden is due to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in three weeks time in Geneva.

Mr Hegseth said: “Russia is effectively a gas station with a flag and when you cut off their energy capabilities you cripple them.

“When you increase sanctions as the Trump administration did, you make them more vulnerable.”

He added: “And when you supply actual weapons instead of blankets to their adversaries you are able to block them.

“Remember when Barack Obama in 2012 said to Mitt Romney ‘the 1980s called, they want they foreign policy back’?” 

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He added: “Inferior adversaries go to the tactics that can work for them based on their capabilities.”

“Cyber is what Vladimir Putin thinks he can use because he does not believe the Biden administration will fight back and thus far, he’s been right unfortunately!”

Microsoft said the cyber attack consisted of phishing emails which are spoof messages designed to trick people into giving over sensitive information or downloading harmful software.

Emails were sent to more than 3,000 email accounts according to Microsoft but Russia has denied the claims and said it does not have any knowledge of the cyber attack.

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