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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for a “global alliance” to establish a world trade order “that favours freedom” in order to combat a growing and aggressive China. His furious demand comes as China continues to place tight trade restrictions on Australian produce and exports in the region. Mr Morrison took aim at the World Trade Organisation on Tuesday for not punishing China enough for the restrictions and called on the WTO to get tougher on Xi Jinping. The PM intends to get the G7 on board with the idea as he arrives in the UK on Thursday for the summit that takes place this weekend.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison: “There is a lot at stake for Australia, for our region and indeed for the world.

“Competition does not have to lead to conflict nor does competition justify coercion.

“Where there are no consequences, the coercive behaviour, there is little incentive for restraint.

He said: “To reinforce, renovate and buttress a world order that favours freedom.”

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The Australian premier’s comments come as US President Biden demanded China to step back from trying to “write” the rules around trade and tech in a bold statement to Xi Jinping. 

Mr Biden said: “The US wants to ensure market democracies, not China or anyone else, write the 21st-century rules around trade and technology.

While Peter Jennings from the Australian Strategic Institute highlighted how western democracies have allowed China to get too powerful.

Mr Jennings told 9 News: “Democracies have looked the other way for years on this issue but really there is no other course of action that can be taken now.”

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Tensions in the region have erupted in recent days after Malaysia claimed Beijing scrambled 16 aircraft near its sovereign airspace last week.

China has disputed this, with a military source insisting only two planes were involved.

The fracas prompted the US to throw its weight behind Malaysia and offer its full support in a show of strength to China.
An officer from the Pacific Air Forces public affairs department told This Week In Asia: “We support our partners in the Royal Malaysian Air Force and encourage [China] to respect the sovereignty of all nations.”


Mr Morrison is due to fly to the UK on Thursday to join the G7 summit that takes place this weekend in St Ives, Cornwall.

It is believed he wants to discuss Facebook and the role of digital content regulation.

His interest in social media companies comes as fears have grown around the role of such sites sharing personal data and dangerous content.

The G7 Summit 2021 will take place from Friday June 11 until Sunday June 13.

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