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Chinese leader Xi Jinping could soon be toppled and the Chinese Communist Party could “collapse,” according to a senior China analyst Paul Monk. Speaking to Sky News Australia, Mr Monk revealed that China’s economy is “more fragile than it lets on” in spite of the facade the regime projects about itself. The leading author and expert also suggested that the Chinese military is much weaker than many suspect, and could face major difficulties if it pushes ahead with an invasion of Taiwan.

Xi Jinping marked the centenary of the ruling Communist Party in China last week.

In a message to rivals, President Xi warned that foreign powers will “get their heads bashed” if they attempt to bully or influence the country.

However, Mr Monk suggested that “ill-considered moves” by China could lead to its own collapse.

He warned that the Chinese Communist model of rule had “reached its use-by date”.

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He explained: “If you look beyond that facade, economically China is more fragile than it lets on. This is something that experts have discussed for a decade.

“The economic model of this very rapid growth is unstable, unsustainable, and major reforms are needed.

“Pundits say if reforms are not undertaken in the near future what you could see is a flatlining of Chinese growth as we saw with Japan in the 1990s.

“China wouldn’t be engaging in the extraordinary levels of censorship and repression if it felt secure, if it felt legitimate, so there will be a legitimate crisis on the horizon.

This comes as relations between the West and China has worsened in recent months over trade and the pandemic.

The issue of Taiwan is also a major source of tension between China and the US.

However, Cai Xia, a leading Chinese dissident and scholar, recently said the Communist regime is much weaker than it looks.

She said: “I recommend that the US be fully prepared for the possible sudden disintegration of the CCP.

“Xi Jinping’s overly suspicious and narrow-minded personality has led to continuous purges inside the party, which have brought extreme dissatisfaction among the middle and high-level officials. Everyone feels unsafe.”

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