Great white shark horror warning – killer beasts could be heading to UK as waters warm up | World | News

So far, there have been at least 10 credible reports of the sharks being spotted around the UK. Experts have now suggested that, while the animals are currently circling around the Canaries and the Balearic Islands, they might soon arrive at British shores. The most likely destination for the predators will be Cornwall in the south of England.

Chief scientist at the sea research organisation OCEARCH, Dr Bob Hueter, told The Sun: “It is very possible that white sharks already occasionally venture to the British Isles but are not observed or documented.

“With climate change increasing water temperature, this likelihood could increase.

“It is not likely to be soon that white sharks will become common residents of the British Isles, but occasional visits by this species venturing up from the Atlantic coast of France may start to increase.”

Scientists will now further examine how many sharks are currently swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, as part of a Discovery Channel documentary.

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