Tom Hardy: Marvel boss won’t rule out Venom entering MCU – Spider-Man No Way Home cameo? | Films | Entertainment

Well during a recent interview with Rotten Tomatoes, Kevin Feige was asked about Hardy’s Venom entering the MCU.

The Marvel Studios boss replied: “I obviously don’t want to talk about rumours or speculation on what could happen or what couldn’t happen as it relates to any characters Marvel Studios hasn’t brought to the screen yet.

“But I will say what I’ve always said, having been at Marvel for 20 years I wouldn’t dismiss anything, I wouldn’t rule anything out.”

“When and how and where remains to be seen. It could be, you know any rumour you read online could happen anytime between now and never.”

What do you think? Should Tom Hardy’s Venom enter the MCU? Join the debate in the comments section here.

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