Battlefield 2042 beta release date DELAYED and bad cross play news | Gaming | Entertainment

“This means a few thousand participants will join us to help us test some of our new features and functionality that we’re building from the ground up for Battlefield 2042. Do keep in mind that the Technical Playtest is purposefully not intended to be the full experience you will see in the Open Beta, or at launch. It is a development-led environment with only a subset of features, focused on technical performance.”

If you want to take part in the Battlefield 2042 playtest then you need to wait to hear from EA as it’s “invite-only” with only a “small group” of participants taking part.

However, EA did give Battlefield fans some advice on how they can increase their chances of getting an invite.

EA and DICE said: “The Technical Playtest will be in a closed environment and under strict NDA. Only a small group of participants will be able to join. If Playtesting is something that interests you, then we recommend you update your EA Playtesting profile. Registering for EA Playtesting will not guarantee you access to this, or other Playtests.”

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