Elon Musk’s cryptic poem about ‘those who attack space’ sparks billionaires backlash | World | News

The SpaceX boss has tweeted a cryptic message, suggesting space “represents hope”. Mr Musk appeared to take a swipe at his critics by mentioning “those who attack space” in the haiku-style piece.

The tweet read: “Those who attack space/

maybe don’t realize that/
space represents hope/
for so many people”

The poem led Mr Musk’s followers to theorise he could be referring to an apocalyptic scenario.

One person replied: “Just wait till earth is on fire, they will realize.

“You better have ships not for just the powerful and wealthy so we can all move to Mars though lol.”

Another commenter added: “They’re attacking you, not space, for hoarding so much money you can finance your own personal space program.”

A third user said: “Are they attacking space or questioning how billionaires use their money?

“While space travel is interesting and the technology awe-inspiring many would prefer the ultra wealthy use their money to help ensure hope and longevity for our home planet before exploring others.”

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