More Steam Deck pre-orders opening today? Potential restock time | Gaming | Entertainment

Despite all of these requirements, Steam Deck pre-orders sold out fast and there’s been reports of scalpers trying to sell reservations for exorbitant amounts of eBay.

One of the most expensive eBay listings seen for a Steam Deck reservation was a staggering $4,000.

The Steam Deck is due to release in December, but could Valve open up pre-orders for the console once again?

Well, Valve said a number of pre-order requirements were only in place for the “first 48 hours of reservations”.

In the Steam Deck reservations FAQ page there is a section labelled ‘why is my account not able to place a reservation until Sunday?’

Answering that question Valve said: “We are aware of potential unauthorised resellers, and as an additional safeguard to ensure a fair ordering process, we’ve added a requirement that the reserver has made a purchase on Steam prior to June 2021 for the first 48 hours of reservation availability.”

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