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Over the five decades Michael Jackson was alive he wrote countless songs. During his early years, while working alongside his brothers in The Jackson 5, he wrote a number of tracks alongside his siblings. One of the songs from the 1980 album Triumph was titled Heartbreak Hotel.

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Speaking about the album in his 1988 autobiography Moonwalk, Jackson recalled writing the track but assured his readers it had no connection to Elvis Presley.

He wrote: “I swear [Heartbreak Hotel] was a phrase that came out of my head and I wasn’t thinking of any other song when I wrote it.”

Fans of the King of Rock and Roll may recall that Heartbreak Hotel was one of Elvis’ first-ever singles.

The legendary song topped the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks straight upon released and has ultimately sold more than one million copies, becoming Elvis’ first-ever gold record.

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In 1995 Elvis’ Heartbreak Hotel record was inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame.

Jackson continued in his memoir: “The record company printed it on the cover as This Place Hotel [instead of Heartbreak Hotel], because of the Elvis Presley connection.”

He then added: “As important as [Elvis] was to music, Black as well as white, he just wasn’t an influence on me.

“I guess he was too early for me. Maybe it was timing more than anything else.”

Jackson and Lisa Marie got married in the Dominican Republic in 1994, unbeknownst to her mother, Priscilla Presley.

The pair were famously interviewed together on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss their marriage, relationship and sex life.

When asked if they had sex, Lisa Marie excitedly said: “Yes!”

Just over a year later, in December 1995, the couple split up and filed for divorce.

Lisa Marie cited “irreconcilable differences”.

Less than a year later Jackson married Debbie Rowe, a woman who agreed to have his children.

After giving birth to his first two children, Prince Jackson and Paris Jackson, they divorced in 1999.


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